CMP Initiatives

Regular Quarterly Meeting are held at Cluster level and the Initiative under the CMP shared and exchanged among the Cluster Vidyalaya’s ,


CCE records & Anecdotal Records are maintained and appraised to the Parents, Children Films are shown once in a Fort Night.


ICT / CAL-TAL are made use of.


Topic / Concept wise worksheets are administered, strive to adopt the spirit of  Joyful Learning with Minimum School Bag Load.


Children are engaged in Vidyalaya Level CCA & Sports Activities



Organised BAL-DIWAS , Mini Sports – Day & Grand Parents Day in the Month of Nov-2019.




CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya 



1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness : Pentagonal building in a easily accessible place bestowed with sprawling natural vegetation and well laid lawns with lovely flowerbeds is a treat to aesthetic eyes. A beautiful serene environment with neat class rooms definitely suits the very name "Vidyalaya" -a temple of learning. Spacious and well ventilated classrooms and activity rooms enhances learning atmosphere of each child.
2. Common minimum programme: CMP was implemented by KVS and thereby it is followed by K V Dharmapuri fulfilling the objectives of NCF 2005 in a full-fledged way giving more prominence to play way method and child centred learning.
3. In K V Dharmapuri, it is a perfect blend of fun, frolic and comforts of learning wherein a well established infrastructure in the vidyalaya paves way to attract children's interest in learning.

4. Activity based teaching and play way method is the ultimate to reach to our children and create an atmosphere of global learning and acquiring all the 21st century skills.


School Readiness Programme was planned for the class 1 students on the month of April , May and June to develop a fondness for the school and also to familarize with facilities in the school.

5. Teacher is the facilitator towards self learning and ensures the interest taken to improve the personality development of a child. The other aspects followed are

  • To stress on reading , handwriting, communicative and numerical skills. 

  • To emphasis the HINDI AND ENGLISH SPOKEN among the students by all teachers who are handling language subjects.

  • To provide children with various situations to think creatively and bring out some original write ups. 

  • To further encourage their individual thinking levels and build emotional empathy.

6. An attractive resource room for primary section with audio-visual equipments like LCDs, DVD player, LCD TV, interactive board, white board, subject wise well displayed TLMs, relevant teaching aids to supplement learning are displayed, World Renowned English enrichment program -learning A-Z graded books to enrich reading skills are also used regularly and hindi and english reading cards are also in use to promote good communicative and reading skills.
7. Weekly once CAL/TAL classes are also being emphasized for better understanding and comprehensive learning. A log book is maintained in the Resource Room.
8. Regular and relevant use of TLMs are prepared and given to students to motivate them to learn concepts clearly with concrete ideas. Rupees 1000/- is spent towards procurement of required TLMs every month.
9. Regular monitoring of classroom teaching and evaluation processes for qualitative improvement is done by Principal and teachers.
10. Active PTA meetings are conducted under the guidance of Principal by the teachers for various classes to promote better understanding between the parent and teacher about the child's progress collectively on 31st october 2015.
11. The Assembly Programme envisages the values on various aspects like science , sports, general quiz, great personalities and social and moral values to be followed and to know your country. Assembly programme was alloted three days for primary and three days for secondary.
12. No stone is left unturned to impart value education through various celebrations, assembly programme, display boards and class display.
13. Keeping in vision of environmental awareness, taking care of the cruicial link between the climate change and the role of plastics, the primary is trying in a humble way to reduce the use of plastics and to keep the environment clean and green .
14. To reduce bag load of students they are instructed to divide the text books into two terms with soft bound. Fortnightly monthly twice every class will be taken for film show wherein it strengthens their listening and analyzing skills on various concepts and life situations. All the educational CDs and film CDs are child centered.

15. As per the guidelines of KVS the students have been divided into four houses and the CCA activities are well planned and executed to achieve the desired all round development of the students. 

Talent search - To begin CCA with full zeal a talent search was organized on 24th April 2015 where in students from class I to V were encouraged to show their talents dancing, singing, playing instruments, monoacting,miming , art and crafts etc..,

16. Sports, Games and Yoga -Activities for different age groups from Classes I to V are Designed to promote physical activates to coordinate both mind and body. 

CUBS AND BULBULS - Every Friday cub and bulbul masters are conducting various activities ( good manners, moral values ,flag songs, law, promise etc.

17. Classroom library is organized well to motivate students to develop good reading skills and speaking skills after reviewing the book. An acrylic sheet-based transparent book shelf has been provided to all the classes for the display of variety of books. Each class has forty books which will be exchanged on rotation basis between parallel classes. The list of library books are displayed in the class room. Book fair was conducted on 23rd November 2015 .
18. Competency based worksheets are generated to develop good comprehending skills and helps the child to develop an extension of knowledge. Class wise work sheets prepared are maintained resource room .
19. Extensive teaching aids are used to make lessons interesting, either teacher made or student made.

20. As per CBSE norms and KVS guidelines Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation is followed from classes I to V. The shift from rigid evaluation enables the teachers and parents to understand the week and strong areas of a child and to guide the child to lead a meaningful life. 

Summative assessment and formative assessment for classes III to V is followed as per KVS norms.

Classes I and II strictly follow CCE method using the five-point grading scale.

21. Two rounds of Medical checkup in the month of July and November has been organized to ensure the good health of students. Medical checkup was conducted on 23-7-2015 and 18-11-2015 .

22. Activities like Community Lunch has been organized every month in a year for all the classes to enhance sharing and togetherness promotes happiness to all. 

Hindi Pakhwada - celebrated in the month of September 2015 from 1st sep. to 15 th sep. 2015. Lot of activities had been organised during this period to develop the language skills among the children.

23. Grandparents Day is also organized to make the children feel that they are very important in their lives and they are the pillars of the family who lay a healthy foundation for the happy growth of the family. Grandparents Day will be celebrate on 30th November 2015 .
24. Excursions (educational tours) are also organized yearly once to break the monotony of teaching learning process and imbibe values outside school and environment like sharing-caring, disciplining, etc. Exposure to learn about cultural and historical heritage of the country . class I - V KRP DAM in Krishanagiri.